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Our Team


Aaron Gradeen

Design Engineer - Vibration and Damping

+1.519.823.1311 x3033  

An experienced member of our team, Aaron delivers detailed design and engineering analysis for supplemental damping systems for bridges and high-rise buildings. Clients benefit from Aaron’s extensive technical expertise and his ability to support strong collaboration - from design to fabrication to installation. On projects ranging from mass dampers for tall towers to compact bridge dampers, Aaron has played an integral role in delivering damping systems that combine performance, safety and reliability. Whether he is cracking a tricky design detail or conducting performance verification on a project nearing completion, Aaron is known for sound, cost-effective process and outstanding results.


Andy Smith

Technical Director

+1.519.823.1311 x2341 

Andy Smith is the engineering leader of mechanical design for Motioneering. As skyscraper heights increase and space constraints grow, Andy’s ability to deliver lean, cost-effective damping systems that combine performance with safety and reliability is ever more valuable to our clients. Whether the project requires a wind-mitigating damping system for a tall building or a system to control pedestrian-induced bridge movement, Andy takes clients’ theoretical requirements and turns them into reality.


Bujar Morava

Senior Technical Director

+1.519.823.1311 x2224 

Bujar’s deep expertise in applied structural dynamics is invaluable to clients who face tough wind engineering and structural response challenges. Through three decades of professional experience and research, he has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding results in the structural optimization of tall buildings and other dynamically sensitive structures. In addition to managing highly complex and very demanding projects around the globe, Bujar leads quality assurance and technical development for Motioneering's structural dynamics and damping services.


Declan Johnston

Project Scientist

+1.519.823.1311 x5258 

Declan brings experience in mechanical design and CAD modelling to his work with our vibration and damping systems team. He works with internal project teams and fabricators to deliver a wide range of damping solutions to clients for applications such as high-rise buildings and bridges. In addition to supporting the design and fabrication of damping systems for new structures, Declan is increasingly experienced in monitoring the health of existing structures through in-field monitoring and analysis. He also works with colleagues to expand the boundaries of damping technology; his research and development work has included the testing, characterization and validation of novel damper technologies, some of which have since been implemented in vibration control projects.


Jamieson Robinson

President for Motioneering Inc.

+1.519.823.1311 x2015  

Jamieson is a key leader in our structural vibration and motion control practice, driving strategic marketing and business development work across all regions. He also provides executive direction for our innovative Hummingbird Kinetics damping technology. Jamieson has supported the success of major building and infrastructure projects across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, supporting public- and private-sector clients in meeting technical challenges while advancing their business objectives. With a project portfolio that spans diverse industries and jurisdictions, Jamieson is a versatile consultant and a valuable partner to project teams with ambitious building goals.


Josh Bird

Project Scientist

+1.519.823.1311 x5254 

A talented designer and member of our vibration and damping systems team. Josh is known for working closely with clients and internal project teams to analyze vibrations and for conceiving and executing highly effective motion control and damping systems for structures such as floors, bridges and tall buildings. His practical expertise of working in the field allows him to support projects through the fabrication phase through to the installation phase. Josh has worked on the design of over a dozen tuned mass dampers  for high-rise buildings, floors and bridges and over a dozen tuned sloshing dampers for high-rise buildings.


Julia Graham

Project Engineer – Vibration and Damping

+1.519.823.1311 x2296  

Julia is a structural dynamics specialist who has delivered vibration control solutions for more than 70 building projects, including 20 hospitals and research centers. She works closely with architects and fellow engineers to design facilities that are comfortable for occupants and able to fulfill their intended functions--whether they are landmark residential towers or laboratories containing advanced vibration-sensitive imaging equipment. Regularly invited to educate fellow building professionals on vibration issues, Julia is known for her rigorous analysis and effective mitigation plans.


Navid Milani

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

+1.519.823.1311 x2437  

Navid brings a valuable combination of creativity and analytical strength to his work with our damping systems team. An experienced mechanical engineer, he has an extensive track record of solving complex challenges in detailed design and engineering analysis for supplemental damping systems for high-rise buildings. Our clients benefit from Navid’s extensive technical expertise and also from his ability to support strong collaboration from design to fabrication to installation. On his more than a dozen skyscraper projects, ranging from 250-ton to 800-ton mass dampers, Navid has played an integral role in delivering damping systems that combine cost-effective performance, safety and reliability.


Rhea Rajack

Project Scientist

+1.519.823.1311 x5256 

A talented designer and member of Motioneering’s vibration and damping systems team, Rhea also works regularly with RWDI’s wind loading team. This complementary mix of roles gives her deep insight into how wind loads and accelerations are determined for buildings as well as the design of motion control solutions. Rhea works closely with clients and internal project teams to design effective damping systems, including Tuned Mass Dampers (TMDs), for structures such as floors, bridges and tall buildings. Her background in structural engineering has proven to be an important asset in her damping system design work. Rhea also works in the field, and our clients benefit from her knowledge of the entire project cycle – from design through installation.


Ron Aquino

Vibration and Damping Scientist

+1.519.823.1311 x2741 

Ron is a lead technical coordinator for wind engineering and motion control projects. Whether our clients need support with new developments or with monitoring the health of existing structures and associated damping systems, Ron delivers outstanding research, reporting, and data and system analysis. In addition to sharing his own engineering insights in areas ranging from wind loading to damper performance, Ron coordinates our technical staff and resources to ensure that our clients always have the people and tools they need to achieve their safety and business objectives.


Shayne Love

Project Engineer - Vibration and Damping

+1.519.823.1311 x2221  

Shayne brings his deep expertise in structural dynamics to both our damping-systems team and our acoustics, noise and vibration group. Our clients benefit in particular from Shayne’s ability to maximize the efficiency of supplementary damping systems by applying his nuanced understanding of sloshing dynamics and nonlinear dynamic systems. Whether he is devising structural mitigation strategies to limit footfall vibrations in a busy hospital or solving structural control challenges in an ambitious skyscraper, Shayne’s research background and international project experience combine to deliver successful outcomes for building projects.


Chien-Shen (Tom) Lee

Senior Project Engineer

+1.519.823.1311 x2638 

Tom is a structural engineer who brings an impressive research background and substantial project experience to our structural dynamics and motion control division. Specializing in structural dynamics, finite element analysis and vibration control, Tom has studied and worked extensively in both Asia and North America (he is fluent in English and Mandarin). His project portfolio includes structural design for numerous buildings and bridges, system development for structural seismic risk analysis, and dynamic analysis for a diverse array of damping systems, including the tuned mass dampers in 432 Park Ave Tower, New York and in The Shanghai Tower, Shanghai.


Trevor Haskett

Senior Technical Director - Vibration and Damping

+1.519.823.1311 x2286 

Trevor Haskett is an experienced technical specialist and a key leader in our damping systems team. He is known for working closely with clients and internal project teams to analyze vibrations and for conceiving and executing highly effective motion control and damping systems for structures such as bridges and tall buildings. With academic training and extensive project experience in mechanical engineering, vibration control, and structural dynamics, Trevor develops innovative approaches by bridging the gulf between mechanical and structural design paradigms.