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Our team comprises world-leading experts in a number of fields, including wind engineering, dynamic loading effects, structural dynamics and vibration mitigation. We’re technical leaders who make significant contributions to our engineering communities – not only supporting the realization of extraordinary new structures but contributing new technical knowledge and advancing the boundaries of our fields.

Case study of performance of a tuned mass damper with an eddy current damping system for building motion control in wind.

Chien-Shen Lee, Dan Li, Trevor Haskett, Andrew Smith, Derek Kelly

Effectiveness of dynamic vibration absorbers implemented in tall buildings.

Shayne Love, Trevor Haskett, Bujar Morava

Full-scale monitoring of a tall building equipped with an efficient tuned sloshing damper system.

Shayne Love, Bujar Morava

Full-scale performance evaluation of structure-dynamic vibration absorber systems.

Shayne Love, Trevor Haskett

Measuring effective damping of full-scale structure-TMD and TSD systems.

Shayne Love, Bujar Morava

Measuring inherent structural damping of structure-TMD systems.

Shayne Love, Trevor Haskett

Practical Experience with Wind-Tunnel Predicted Tall Building Motions.

Peter Irwin, Bujar Morava

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