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Optimizing occupant experience and structural performance. 

The Motioneering team has over 25 years of experience solving complex issues in the field of applied structural dynamics on bridges, floors, grandstands, buildings, spires, antenna, and other types of dynamically sensitive structures. With over 250 projects completed worldwide, our design and construction team provides practical and cost-effective motion control solutions from concept to completion. Performance, quality, constructability, and a client-first attitude are always at the forefront of our approach.

Image of human feet bouncing on a nightclub dancefloor.

Client First Approach

We believe in proactive collaboration.

We listen.

We engage.

Together we develop a strategy to suit your needs.

Advanced, Proven Techniques

We assess the dynamic response of floor systems using advanced modeling and measuring techniques developed and calibrated from as-built measurements in the real world. We can accurately assess the motions of dynamically sensitive structures and help you to establish practical & achievable performance targets.

An image of a laboratory.
An illustration of a floor damper.


We have developed a range of modular, prefabricated, and compact damper solutions for floor systems. Constructability, cost efficiency, quality, and performance are at the core of our approach. Our construction services offering can be customized to serve the specific risk management and performance needs of the project.

Our expertise is your secret weapon against floor vibration!

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