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Telecom Tower Dampers

A combination of factors – including rapidly evolving communications equipment and newly established design criteria – make damping solutions an increasingly urgent imperative for the owners and operators of telecom tower networks. Drawing on renowned wind engineering capabilities and over 25 years of structural damping experience, Motioneering has developed a set of efficient, out-of-the-box damping solutions for the telecom tower industry.

Our telecom tower dampers:


  • reduce wind-induced motion to within acceptable limits for communications equipment

  • extend the design life of telecom towers by reducing cumulative fatigue damage

  • widen the operating range of equipment during storms

  • allow new technologies to be implemented on existing infrastructure.

Telecom towers are subject to the same stresses as buildings and other structures, including significant wind loads. Motioneering helps telecom providers protect the performance and longevity of cell towers by mitigating wind-induced motion for this valuable infrastructure.

Sample Applications

In addition to versatile off-the-shelf damping systems, Motioneering can deliver custom solutions that meet the needs of unusual structures or wind environments. Contact us to learn how we can help you protect your equipment and ensure your infrastructure is ready to accommodate the next wave of communications technology. 

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