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Pool Sloshing Analysis

If a swimming pool near the top of tall building becomes tuned with the structure, significant wave sloshing can occur on windy days. In extreme cases, pool water can spill over causing damage to the surrounding areas or to floors below. We use our extensive background analyzing structures equipped with tuned sloshing dampers to investigate the sloshing response of pools. 

Image of a rooftop pool surrounded by skyscrapers.

Floor Vibration Analysis

Analysis is performed to determine if floors will be suitable for their intended use and comfortable for their occupants. We predict expected levels of vibration at every point, providing a clear view of the vibration performance of the floor. If target criteria are exceeded, mitigation can be performed by means of structural changes or the addition of tuned mass dampers. 

Long Term Building Monitoring

A permanent system is installed for continuous measurement and periodic reporting to a building operations team over a long period of time. to proactively manage and maintain a capital asset.

Image of an elevator shaft.
A Motioneering designer, wearing a safety helmet, looks up while holding a laptop.

Short Term Building Monitoring

Over a period of days, weeks or months, a temporary system of instruments is used to measure specific properties of an existing structure to inform planning decisions about a capital asset.

Along with our established damping solutions, we offer specialized services help to make tall buildings and other structures more comfortable, durable and efficient. Motioneering can provide maintenance support and monitoring of a structure as part of a proactive and comprehensive operational strategy. Our engineering team are also able to measure and monitor issues such as floor vibration, elevator performance or other factors that could impact the structure of a building over time.

Can Motioneering Help?

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