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The Motioneering designed tuned mass damper inside the Taipei 101 skyscraper.

Advances in damping technology are enabling buildings and structures to be higher and more ambitious than ever before. From landmark skyscrapers to long-span bridges, our field-leading wind engineers and motion-control specialists design and deliver Performance-Based Damping solutions.

World Leaders in Motion Control Solutions.

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Motioneering design team at steel fabrication facility.


Our experienced team of technical experts understand how to measure, predict and control undesirable motions in structures of all types. We offer systems that are tuned, verified and measured for performance. Working with clients from the earliest design stages to understand their needs and challenges. we develop the customized solution to suit their designs. Our involvement doesn’t stop there: With ongoing monitoring and maintenance, we enable long-term performance, eliminating structural fatigue and adding value to the building or bridge asset. 


The Motioneering team brings an unmatched combination of technical depth and real-world project experience. Our capabilities in wind engineering and motion control are respected around the world. We’re active contributors to international technical and engineering communities, advancing the boundaries of our fields and setting new standards for performance, efficiency and resilience.

Motioneering Senior Engineer, Andy Smith, demonstrating how a tuned mass damper works.
A Motioneering designed tuned mass damper inside a skyscraper in New York City.


Having helped to pioneer the field of supplementary damping systems, our team has been an industry leader for more than 25 years, realizing damping solutions for more than 100 major projects around the world, including buildings, bridges, floors, platforms, cables, spires and other slender structures.   

Our Strategy


2003 Engineering News Record (ENR)

"Top 25 Newsmakers" 

Innovative achievements in the field of vibration control for large structures.

2002 Canadian Consulting Engineers 

"Award of Excellence"

Buildings - One Wall Centre, Vancouver BC

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