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Updated: Jun 4

Motioneering logo icon

Managing motion. Offsetting vibrations. Stabilizing sway. At Motioneering, we design, engineer and construct damping systems to improve the performance and comfort of some of the largest structures in the world, including tall buildings and bridges. Our work also applies to any platform or floor where people or environmental factors might induce vibration.

Motioneering, established as a separate legal entity within the RWDI family, has provided services in structural dynamics, motion control, and damping systems for over 25 years. To highlight an enhanced offering in construction services, we recently refreshed our identity and brand, which, of course, required a new logo. We wanted something to symbolize the level of excellence we had become known for globally. To do this, we went back to our roots.

The golden standard

Taipei 101 pendulum damper viewed from above

In 1999, the project team for Taipei 101 invited Motioneering to design and build a tuned mass damper (TMD) for what would be the world’s tallest building at the time. Not only would this main supplementary damping system support the building’s performance and its occupants’ comfort, but the elegant, golden sphere would be both a functional and aesthetically pleasing focus of the building’s design.

Located on the 87th floor, the pendulum’s mass—with a diameter of 5.5 metres and weight of 660 metric tons—suspends from cables anchored on the 92nd floor and is stabilized by hydraulic cylinders. An observatory platform surrounds the damper globe, making it a major tourist attraction.

A symbol of excellence

The plated globe icon at the center of Motioneering’s logo is a tribute to the unique and beautiful TMD at Taipei 101. It represents an exceptional engineering feat while reflecting our resourceful, performance-based approach, which distinguishes us as a company.

As a company built on stability, the square brackets on either side of the damper icon characterizes this steadiness. Having now withstood multiple earthquakes in its lifespan, as well as a major typhoon with wind gusts of 145-miles per hour in 2015, the Taipei 101 TMD has proven its strength and resiliency over time. As have we.

With over 300 projects under our belt, we have designed, constructed, and monitored the full-scale performance for structures and damping system installations on every continent. To continuously advance our approach we apply the lessons learned from each project to inform the next. So, when people ask about our logo, we are proud of what it represents. It speaks to our origin, ingenuity and our ongoing mission to advance the technology of motion and vibration control in structures of all kinds.

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